Sanford Lights

Bulldog Nation has waited for this moment. Our Bulldogs have teed it up between the hedges for three quarters now… it’s time to show our Dawgs that their family, a sea of red & black, has their back.

Stillness, the first in Sanford Stadium since the game began, holds the heart of every Bulldog — each anxiously anticipating the most electric scene in college football. The Redcoats break the silence, and with one note… all “fours,” up; every flashlight, lifted.

From the college students’ hoots and hollers to the tears rolling down a 50-year-past Bulldog graduate; from the cheerleaders’ flips down the endzone to the players’ energetic dance moves; from Coach Smart’s “fours” lighted high to the four-year-old Bulldog’s light in the sky. This is the University of Georgia.

This is why we are all Georgia Bulldogs. 

As the stadium lights flash, every Bulldog’s excitement forces them to scream, dance, jump, hug — or all of the above. It is these moments that bond us Bulldogs. It is because of these moments there we say “Glory, Glory!”

In a flash, the lights are gone and the Bulldogs keep chopping down that tree. But don’t worry, we keep barking for our Dawgs because that’s just what we do.

It’s in these moments that each Bulldog’s heart finds its home. It’s these moments that get us to the next Saturday in Athens. It’s in these moments where we are reminded of the true meaning behind those two simple words, “Go Dawgs!”